Home has a new home.

Your favorite gifted and talented camp just got a huge upgrade.

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Welcome to the next generation.

For thirty-five years, gifted and talented students across the heartland have assembled every summer for a cooperative learning experience like no other. Its mission began as a means for these students to expand their leadership, service and artistic potential; but over time it became so much more.


"Camp" became a platform for students to lift each other up and out of their comfort zones. In the brief time they spent together, they underwent self-discovery, became global advocates for good, and cultivated life-long friendships. And the best part is, it didn't end there—today, the lasting impacts of camp are widespread, with over a thousand distinguished alumni worldwide.


Our story is far from over, and we're re-launching our initiative through a new lens which celebrates campers of the past, present and future: The ones who dare to be different, who refuse to accept the status quo and whose ambition to change the world is driven by knowledge and love. We are the Catalyst Collective.

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Two camps, one family.

When young people support each other, incredible things can happen. The Catalyst Collective has a place for secondary students of all ages, to learn, innovate and grow together. 


The Catalysts


July 16-27, 2018

Catalyst Camp provides gifted and talented students entering grades 10–12 a safe space to explore their passions and discover their potential through education, teamwork, leadership and art. During their 11-day intensive, the campers will participate in engaging team-building activities, motivational guest lectures and hands-on courses tailored to the interests of each student.

Catalyst Camp ends with a free public showcase of music, dance and performance art, prepared by the students during camp.


The Sparks

July 22-27, 2018

After the first week of high school camp, we invite gifted and talented students entering grades 7–9 to join the Collective as Sparks. Like the Catalysts, these campers will participate in engaging team-building activities, motivational guest lectures and hands-on courses tailored to the interests of each student.

The comprehensive Spark experience culminates in a presentation of creative ideas for addressing complex global issues, envisioned by the students in the "BIG" (Big Idea Generators) workshop.


Fuel your brain with captivating classes.

The Morningside College faculty, along with the Catalyst Collective staff, present a variety of course offerings for students to choose to experience during their time at camp. The assortment of class subjects changes slightly each year, but the intention is to offer enough selection to satisfy the learning desires of every participant.


Past courses have included:

  • "Brand U" (defining your personal brand)
  • Physiology
  • Stage Combat
  • Psychology (using real polygraph equipment!)
  • Solving a mystery using forensics
  • Severe Weather and Storm Chasing
  • Rocketry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Various Dance disciplines (lyrical, hip hop, etc.)
  • Ace your audition or job interview
  • "Adulting 101" (finances, student loans, taxes, etc.) 
NOTE: Not all of these courses will be available each year, but there will be tons more to choose from!

Catalyst Collective Team

Joining together from all around the country, our team's priority is enabling campers for success . Whether it's organizing event logistics, teaching classes, choreographing dances or providing emotional support, we're there to make their time at camp the best it can be.

Interested in being a team lead for Spark Camp? Let us know.