The Power of Art: A Catalyst for Growth

The years spent in Middle- and High School are so special, and hugely important to the growth of our world's youth. It's when kids begin shaping who they want to become as adults, and—through exposure to various topics and activities—discover what passions they want to hone moving forward. My passion bloomed at the age of 3, when I stepped into my first dance class.

My name is Lexi Robson, and for the past 24 years, I have been intensely studying the art of dance, and its impacts on the world around me. I grew up in Ankeny, Iowa, training in ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, modern, hip-hop and musical theatre dance. I graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree in Dance Performance, and went on to dance professionally on cruise ships, in Dallas, New York City and Chicago. But after a while, I began feeling an additional calling: a desire to teach. I remembered how crazy-important my teachers were to my growth, and how much they contributed to my passions for storytelling and changing the world through dance. I knew there had to be kids out there looking for their passion—and I wanted to help them the same way my teachers helped me.


When I dance, I feel an enhanced connection to my body, my soul, and the people I'm dancing with. I become alive and completely in-the-moment. And when there's an audience, you find a new unique sensation of complete power mixed with complete vulnerability. The combination is remarkable: to feel on top of the world, and under the weight of the world, simultaneously. The bright minds that attend our camps deserve to experience these feelings. They deserve to learn what the arts offer to their education, their personality, and their heart. They deserve to be free.

At the Catalyst Collective, not only do students have the opportunity to broaden their minds from an educational standpoint, but they also get exposure—sometimes for the first time—to the world of the arts. I strongly believe that without creativity and creative forms of expression, people can't experience growth. They can't innovate. They can't feel the same way. Introducing young people to their creative potential through dance, song, visual art, etc. allows them to understand a part of them they may not have known existed. And by stepping out of that comfort zone—by bravely pushing past their own limits—they become better. As dancers, as learners, and as people in society.


After hundreds of dance steps and musical notes learned (and many sweaty rehearsals) the end result is always a beautiful performance where the students get to finally showcase their newfound creative energy. They pour their hearts out onstage. To witness this is both an exhilaration and a point of pride, knowing that they made a huge impact on not just the audience members, but to themselves and to each other. The bond the Catalysts share while singing, dancing and storytelling may be the most rewarding experience they find here, and—as an artist—it's what brings me the most joy.


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